fredag den 28. august 2015

4 banger dragster

De 4 cylindret Ford A/B motor har igennem tiderne været rigtigt hurtige - endda så hurtige, at de har været brugt til drag ræs. Se bl.a. disse billeder:

Artikel fundet i HRM juni 1960:


Fra HRM Juni 1961, et motorbillede af Preston & Woods ræser:

Okay okay, ingen '30 tudor, men Ole-Henry er også en dragræser... i ånden ihvertfald! 

mandag den 17. august 2015

The Ole-Henry, in the summers of 2014 and 2015

Last midsummer, I (finally!) came across a set of reasonably priced set of 17" tires to go on the front of the Ole-Henry!
So ever since I got them installed, he's been riding around on a pair of 5,50-17"s on the front, and a pair of 6,00-18"s at the back:

Luckily I had them installed, just in time for the 2014 South Island rumble, so they were tested at the gravel pit:
 It looked kuul, and I won "best show during race", but it costed me a radiator.

Here we're parking at the Fredericia swap meet, fall 2014:

I've had the pleasure of his company for 7½ years in the spring of 2015, which meant I had to have him inspected. For this, I had to (re)install turn signal blinkers and another set of turn signal arms, but besides this and a little work on the wire harness, he want through with flying colours - and on one of "my" lifts!

On the 15th of May, we went to the Trackdays meet and race, where we won the banger-class.
Unfortunately (or stupidly) when going up against a german in his black '30 Model A coupe with SBC, I broke the pinion gear in the rearaxle, as we should have left the line. (The high pitch sounds is'nt coming from me, but from the rear tires of the opponent, as he takes off!)

But my ever returning participation against every one, despite the odds, as long as my cars runs, gave me this years "special pick":

Long and very sad story short, involving a dishonest parts dealer, who for more than 7 weeks promised me a usable rear axle, it's now past the weekend of Vestjydsk Grusbaneløb, and the Ole-Henry is still at the garage with a working, but very noisy rear axle, despite my efforts in the last two weeks of wrenching parts from three different rears in to a usable one. Picked another rear axle one up last week, but lack of time prevented me from entering this years final gravel pit race.
So... come fall, winter and spring, and the 85 year old and me should be back in action, ready for next years events!

mandag den 10. august 2015

Reversing the Model A rear spring

After reading a couple of threads on DIY reversed eye springs, I've longed for taking my rear spring apart to get the rear lower. But since I (try to!) live by the motto: "Don't fix, what works - by a spare, and fårk that one up!", I haven't done anything about it.
Further more, I like the idea of a small press for the job, like the one used here, as the garage is getting filled surprisingly fast.
But during the hunt for another rear axle for #TheOleHenry, I came upon a good deal, containing a disassembled rear spring, and after reading this, I only needed a press - work has a couple, so problem solved!

Drawing the springs profile for reference, marking the spring about every inch, so far it is bend.

First press was to small, so onwards to the next:

This is more the correct size, so small presses does the trick. Here, patience really is a virtue, and too much pressure will only result in a too curved spring:

Still some pressing to do:

Checking with the reference, marked where more bend must be applied:

Final result, which was pretty good for an hours work!

fredag den 7. august 2015

Merger! My seperate B-engine and '31 P-U blog merged into one - at

I've been wanting to merge my three separate blogs into one for a while now, but haven't done it, because "it's properbly highly complicated, way above my level of expertice".
Turns out, it's not... not at all!

By using the export/import your blog - procedure at, I now have only one blog to maintain! Wauw, ha? :-D
So now all postings should be visible here.

All (well, maybe not all, but some!) of the things, going on at #DannerrsGarage, will be posted here as previous.
However, progress and thereby postings might be limited, as I last year became the half part owner of a 100 years old house in the country, which needs renovation, and this takes up most of my time. But occasionally, I get some garage time, and when, I will try to keep posting here.
The last year I've been posting pictures on instagram, and your are welcome to follow me at

Have a nice weekend, y'all! :-)

onsdag den 14. maj 2014

Wheel studs and lug nuts!

Long time since last post, I know. Have had some trouble posting pictures via the phone, so I've sort of waited till it maybe got better- it didn't! Don't know, if it's the app, or my telecompany, Telenor, that does it.
So for now, (properbly!) no pictures...

Have been working (not to hard, though) on getting closer to having Hippo back on the road, got her old engine back in with a new waterpump, hoping the previous loss of water stops by doing so. Got her to the sheetmetal guy, who put work in for what he believed, was left over from the four door- we do not quite see eye to eye on this, but I'll get back to that in a later post. Got her back from his greedy claws, and started rust repair in the rear wheel wells myself. It's my first time ever to do "real" body work, and therefore I'm quite carefull, properbly spending way too much time on aligning things. But so far, I'm enjoying it, looking forward to be driving her again!

Ole-Henry was put away in november, and got back on the road about a month ago. I finished cleaning up the wiring harnes mess, prevoius owner had made, and is now down to original harnes and added blinkers. I installed another generator, as I thought the old was broken- it turned out to be the relay instead. But the bearing in the old generator was starting to make noise, so I've ordered a new- and was amased, when I discovered, that the same bearing is used to support the input shaft on the gear box in the fly wheel!
I even installed another horn- with cromed outlet! Was by the Danish national Model A club's swap meet, where a very nicely restored sedan, with a horn like my new, was parked- and the owner got hasseled for driving around with "a hot rod horn like that!"... Still smiling, thinking about my definition of a hot rod- and what those original freaks would have to say to that!

The last couple of weeks has been about wheel studs, lug nuts and right rear tire. I knew, the threads was not too good on the rear hubs, but after this years first race (held by a club mate, going around his familys black smith work shop- which came in handy, when O-H broke the mounting ring on the exhaust pipe!), we discovered the right rear wheel was loose, when we got back home. Dismanteling the wheel showed, that only three wheel stud threads was kind of ok, so I gathered info on what to do. Bought new studs at the model A club, along with rim washers and lug nuts, and borrowed an end mill for removing the riveted edge, holding the hub and brake drum together. Meanwhile the wheel got a flat, so I bought a new tube at the afformentioned swap meet. The tire is pretty worn, so I cannot revommend buying Lucas tires, as they don't last that long.
Yesterday I then got to a friends farthers metal work shop, and borrowed a bench drill (for milling the edge away), a welder, and a press to remove the old and install new wheel studs.
Procedure was quite easy: clean the best thread, in order to keep at least one stud, so hub and drum don't cone apart. Then mill the riveted edge on the other four studs, press (or hammer) with support on the back (important, if you wish to use the hubs again!) the old stud out, place the new and weld it from behind. The end mill, I'd borrowed, was straight edged, and riveting was inclined/conical, so I had to remove some drum material. I'm working on finding another end mill for myself, and modify it to fit the inclination, but for now, it'll have to do.
Hub back on car, and wheel mounted with washers this time, hoping the lug nuts does deform like the previous did. The drive home went ok, with me out of the car three times to check, wheel was still firmly attached- it was!

Pictures (or attemt to upload):

So, with the risk if jinxing it, I think we are ready for this years Trackdays!

Keep 'em kruzin!

mandag den 16. december 2013


After spending more than two hours under the car saturday evening, trying to mount the gear box mount (without luck- still needs the fourth bolt!), I gave up, and went down to the drive shaft, to mount the four bolts conecting it to the gearbox- only to find, the two flanges didn't fit together. I have another drive shaft, which I put in the car- so I guess, I discovered this earlier, I just can't remenber it. Anyway, that ruined my plan of getting a testdrive in the weekend, so I quit and went home for the night.
Yesterday I started mounting the starter, the exhaust and conecting all the wires to the engine- and then the sun came out!

Got the engine running yesterday afternoon around four o'clock:
But it makes a klackideklack-sound, it's not supposed to, and I fear, it's a main or conecting rod bearing. So I started out adjusting the valves without result. Next thing is to mount a radiator, so it can get warm and have full oil pressure, before I gas it up- maybe that'll help. If not, next weekend I'll properbly throw the old engine back in- it uses a little oil and waterpump is leaking, but bearings are ok... as I recall! But time will tell.

Keep 'em kruzin!

lørdag den 14. december 2013

The eagle... sorry, engine has landed!

Pictures from earlier today:

And just now, with a lot of help from the landlords, I landed the engine in Hippo!
Now I need conecting all the stuff to it, and I hope to start her up tomorrow, if not before.

Keep 'em kruzin!