mandag den 25. februar 2013

Bitter sweet news

My first bought B-engine is cracked:

I came up with the idea for a tool- a set of flanges, to put on the engine, in order to pressure test the water canals, to see if they were leaking, using regular fosset pressure:

On the bottom you plug in the water hose, and drain the air from the valve on the flange on the top, where the water pump used to be.
The above is for a model B head, but I even started on a set for the model A:

I guess this is a good and a bad news: the good is, that the tool works, the bad is, my engine is broken! The water flows up right next to the valve guides:

So, next step is to mount a new conecting rod in the old model A engine, get that going in the car, and find out, if this engine can be fixed.

Keep 'em kruzin!